image image image image image creates your music on demand Melodist creates music people love.
We already have hundreds of melodies and songs ready-to-use.

Our ability to create music on demand makes us different.

Just try us.
Music: No Need For Words ...but when words are carried by music notes, you fly away to a place where all men are friends, where barriers no longer exist and where the desert blooms.

Music is a language spoken by every heart, a language that each and everyone hears in a personal way, deep within.
Sometimes ...we remember the tune that pops up during an event more that the event itself, as if this tune were telling the event, the story, the furtive moment.

Those present tunes, as the tunes of yesteryears, mark out our history and, depending on our mood, they come back to our memory to tell us that we are alive.
Movie Music Wrapping up the images, chanting the dialogues, rythming the dazzling action, this is the challenging job of composers.

Of a movie, one can remember only its music, the music that remains engraved in the soul.
Melodies On Demand As miraculous as it may seen, the team is gifted with an amazing creativity. We create your desired music, your dream music...

You express yourself. We listen. And we answer in music.


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Melodist? Melodist creates melodies and music on demand. You ask us a melody, we create a melody people will listen to. It is that simple.
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